Hello All,

We had our Puja ceremony today, asking the mountain and the gods for safe passage for all of our expedition members- Sherpas, climbers, guides.

It was a splendid 3.5 hour ceremony with our Sherpa crew, finishing with traditional dancing, and celebration. This important ceremony must take place before anyone from the expedition can begin climbing above base camp.

Expedition leaders have begun to meet and discuss the logistics and politics needed for us all to climb as safely as possible, and to ensure the route is fixed as best as possible.

The snow continues to fall today, which makes much of the work a slower process, but could bode well for climbing conditions above camp 2.

Tomorrow we hope to start some training, or head out for some mellow, slow acclimatizing above base on the safe hike to Pumori camp 1. Weather and conditions permitting!

All the best from the team!