Hi everyone,

We had more new snow last night, keeping base camp looking like a winter wonderland.

The team took a acclimatizing hike today, about 3/4 of the way up to Pumori camp 1, or approximately 18,000 feet. Everyone did great, and tomorrow we will head up again, adding another 1,000 feet or so. This will help us acclimatize to elevations closer to our camp 1, above the icefall, and ease our first rotation thru the technical portions of the icefall.

On the 18th we will break out our harnesses and technical gear, and get our systems organized for technical training beginning the 19th. We will practice walking on ladders, rappelling, climbing and all the technical skills we will need to safely ascend thru the icefall on our 1st rotation. This training will be several days and afterward we will begin our 1st rotation.

All the best from the team!