Namaste everyone,

Yesterday we hiked up to Pumori Camp 1 (18,700′) to acclimatize, and returned in windy, snowy conditions. No views of the big one were possible.

Today we had a ceremony to remember and honor the 16 Sherpas who lost their lives in the tragic Avalanche here 1 year ago today. Together with our Sherpa team we had a long silence, burned 16 candles, made 16 offerings of chang, while our Lama recited prayers. It was a heartfelt ceremony.

We have a new friend here in base camp- Khumbu, a young male dog who has adopted us. Yesterday he went to the base of the fixed lines, and to camp 1 on Pumori- he is strong! He is well loved by the team and very well known around BC.

All the best from the team!