All safe in Base Camp

Hello everyone,

All climbers, guides, and Sherpa are now off the mountain and in Base Camp.

Today Fishtail Air, Manang Air, and Simrick Air are pulling together an incredible operation to heli everyone down from Camp 1. If the weather holds as many as 160 climbers will be evacuated today. As we left camp 1, teams were arriving from Camp 2 after descending down the Western Cwm.

The events of the last 2 days are very hard to put into words. We are incredibly fortunate to be here, and are all relieved to be down, and that are whole camp and staff are alright.

Half of Base Camp (not our end) is destroyed, and many lives are lost. Most of our Sherpa have lost their homes, but fortunately no families lost any lives.

Now that we are all down safely we have sent our Sherpa team down valley to be with their families, and to assess the damage to their homes and villages.

With Kathmandu, and villages down valley in chaos, the best place for us right now is in base camp.

Over the next week we will do our best to get climbers homeward bound, and to assess what we can do down valley to help our Sherpa communities.

In the coming weeks, months, and years there will be a consolidated effort from Alpine Ascents to help rebuild in the Sherpa villages.

Climbing Everest seems pretty trivial compared to the destruction, and loss of life that has affected this amazing region. It reminds us all that despite how much we may want to climb a mountain, the most important part is the human aspect.

Below are a couple of shots from the 25th while we were ascending the icefall- about 40 minutes before the earthquake struck.

Thanks for keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated as things evolve here in BC.

The team

All safe in Base Camp