Wrapping up in KTM

Hi everyone,

The team all arrived back to KTM on the 1st of May.

We are wrapping up the trip as positively as possible, realizing that the most important thing is all of us, our staff and Sherpa are safe.

Climbers are beginning to head home as of yesterday, and continuing thru the 4th.

Yesterday a few of us joined Sara to visit some of the young girls in North Kathmandu, who are sponsored by Empower Nepali Girls. It was great to visit them, and to bring some small supplies to help those affected by the earthquake. Always a good day when you can bring smiles to those in need, especially young children.

There is so much need here, many more remote village areas are heavily affected. With the monsoon rains less than a month away, the immediate needs are tarps, tents, temporary shelter, and food/ clean water.

As many of you may know we have set up a fund to help rebuild in the village of Thame, where our beloved Senior Guide Lakpa Rita, and many of our Sherpa, are from.

This effort will be a long term project.

Thanks to all of you – our community, for your thoughts, prayers, donations and help during this difficult time.

We are blessed to live and work with such an amazing community of people.

The 2015 Everest Team

Wrapping up in KTM